3.21 Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability
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"Health" and "happiness" are on the wish list of most people. Both men and women, young and old, and people with Down Syndrome all wish to have a healthy body and a happy heart! As World Down Syndrome Day was coming up on March 21, this year, the association has adopted the theme of "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability", a series of activities have been organized in response to this special day, including sharing seminar, member workshops, social media appeals, etc., so that the public can participate in spreading the message of health and seeds of love, and embrace an inclusive society together.
World Down Syndrome Day & mismatch socks

Most people with Down Syndrome carry 3 chromosomes at their 21st pair of chromosomes, so the United Nations General Assembly has designated March 21 each year as World Down Syndrome Day to raise public awareness and advocate for the rights of people with Down syndrome.
The shape of socks is like a chromosome. This incompatible combination is like a pair of colorful mismatched socks, which has become a symbol for people with Down Syndrome. In fact, as long as we change our attitude, a pair of different patterns or colors can still be worn together to show the diversity, possibility, beauty of integration and a new perspective on things!

“Let’s support World Down Syndrome Day by wearing mismatched socks!”
Every year on World Down Syndrome Day, people around the world will respond to the #lotsofsock campaign by wearing different colors and patterns of mismatched socks on March 21 to raise public awareness of people with Down Syndrome. This year, the Association is no exception and calls on everyone to wear their own socks on March 21, World Down Syndrome Day, sharing photos of their own mismatched socks on social media and adding hashtags to show their diversity and raise public concern for them!
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“LOHAS” Health of People with Down Syndrome Sharing Seminar

Thanks to the sponsorship of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, JCDS DS Power Holistic Wellness Support Project of the association organized a “LOHAS” Health of People with Down Syndrome Sharing Seminar on 19 March. The seminar featured various experts and academics sharing practical health information, including the need for life skills training, the importance of strengthening physical training, as well as the 10 photographic postures and acupuncture points for common illnesses of people with Down Syndrome, in order to help them build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, integrate into the community and live a happy life.
Highlight of Seminar
“Come! Let’s move and dance” Funny Workshop

The workshop conducted a lively and fun way to provide exercise, physical fitness and independent living training to members with Down Syndrome.

A total of 45 members participated in three different workshops, including a group of volunteers from Eli Care, who taught the participants the 10-point Chinese acupuncture point exercise with light-hearted music to enhance the participants' opportunities to move their bodies; a booth activity by the occupational therapy students from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals with the theme of orientation, expression and creativity, which allowed the participants to learn the skills of living and communicating in the community while having fun; our colleagues led the participants to play the "Silver Move" electronic game, the test of cooperative response to the color-changing light, and the training game of small hand muscle clamping, so that members can feel the fun of exercise in different games and enhancing their motivation to exercise. In the workshop, the participants were able to show their energy and creativity and had a happy Sunday.
 Radio Show Access
On March 19 (Sunday), the association accepted the invitation of Commercial Radio's program " The Way We Are " and RTHK Radio 3's program #Hashtag Hong Kong to introduce the services of the association and the information of people with Down Syndrome to the public on the one hand, and to promote the World Down Syndrome Day on the other hand, so as to increase the public's awareness and knowledge of people with Down Syndrome.
Commercial Radio's program " The Way We Are ":

"The Way We Are" introduces The Jockey Club DS Power Holistic Wellness Support Project, as well as the current services of the Association to respond to the needs of people with Down Syndrome in their adulthood, improving their physical and mental health development and promoting community involvement!

RTHK Radio 3 #HashtagHongKong:

The program introduces prenatal counseling and newborn Down Syndrome services, walking with Down Syndrome families along the way, which even shares positive stories of newborn families.

The New Territories Flag Day on 11 February 2023 has come to a successful conclusion

Thanks to the generous support from all walks of life, over 2,700 volunteers were recruited and over 2,000 flag bags were distributed at this year's " Love” & “Inclusion" Flag Day in the New Territories! Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, the generosity of the benefactors and the help of the co-workers, the Flag Day was successfully completed, and the funds raised will be used to maintain the self-financing service development, including the provision of sports and arts development programs for people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities, in order to improve the quality of life for them and their families.

This year's flag day was a long-awaited offline event for the association after the end of the pandemic. Both colleagues and volunteers were very enthusiastic in promoting and raising funds for the Association. There were many volunteers who said "Add oil" to the members after making donations. These seemingly small actions mean a lot to our members and the association! Thank you again for your support and cheer, and we hope you will continue to support our work in the future, so that we can contribute to social inclusion together!
Online Donation
Pass Love On

In addition to the flag sale on the street, a number of donors and corporations donated over HK$2,000 for the "Pass Love On" campaign on the eve of the flag sale day. As a token of appreciation, the Association also presented a candle, the latest product of Tiptop Centre, to each of the benefactors who supported the "Pass Love On" campaign. Each candle was handmade by the trainees, and was a unique product that was the result of their hard work! For more information, please call 2697 5331.
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Wining the Social Enterprise Outstanding Employee Award of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Staff Appreciation Scheme

The Association's Social Enterprise - The Down’s Kwan Ngai Service Team participated in the Hong Kong Social Enterprises Employee Recognition Scheme organized by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises earlier, and one of the employees Yuk Kwong has won the title of the Social Enterprise Outstanding Employee Award!

Yuk Kwong as a person with moderate intellectual disability, he is mainly responsible for car beauty and office cleaning services. With his serious and careful attitude, he is not only loved by employers and instructors, but also makes them feel comfortable to entrust him with their jobs. This is the second time that Yuk Kwong has received this award, and his father was very proud to hear the news. Once again, we congratulate Yuk Kwong on the award and hope that he will continue to do a good job and shine in the future.

Disabled employees need more recognition from the public. If you are interested in hiring disabled employees or our trainees, please contact our Employment Services Center staff at 2611 9747.

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