I would like to introduce you to an exciting partnership opportunity where we can work together to launch a range of amazing clothing brands.

I am fascinated by your activity and fan base on social media platforms, and we believe that your influence and personal style will bring a unique charm to this project, attracting more eyes and attention, and therefore our brand invites you to be our brand image ambassador.

We currently work with a number of influencers and one of our brand ambassadors, Ms Jen Adams, has 2.5M followers on Instagram and 1.5M followers on LTK (

Our brand "SuperPrity" is featured on Ms. Jen Adams' LTK post linked below:

We are an emerging apparel brand that focuses on fashion, comfort and eco-friendly design concepts. We plan to develop a range of fashionable, high-quality apparel that meets the modern consumer's demands for style and quality.

Superprity is one of our company's women's clothing brands, including fashionable women's clothing and swimwear.
Here is the link to our Amazon store :

We believe that your personal style and influence can fit in with our product philosophy and bring more attention and recognition to our products!

We would like to work with you to showcase our products on social media and attract more eyes and attention through your influence.

We can provide you with free samples of our products and a 10% commission! If you want, we can provide you with exclusive discount codes for you to share with your fans!

And an exclusive discount code for you to share with your fans.

If you are interested in this cooperation opportunity, I hope you can reply to my email and we can further discuss the details and conditions of cooperation! I am very confident in our products!
We are sure you will be interested in our cooperation and believe that our cooperation will bring a win-win result!

Thank you very much for your time and attention and I look forward to working with you on this exciting collaborative project! Looking forward to your reply!

If it's convenient, could you tell me your WhatsApp number?

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