Went through your github profile, [JOBTITLE] saw you starred [MIDDLENAME] on Github, thought you might be interested in training AI models. 

This is Tom from Abaka AI, we are a data provider. We provide data collection service, data labeling service, cleaned datasets, and we also have a data labeling tool with auto-labeling feature. 
We have helped Stanford university, Oxford university, Ford, and Volvo amongst many other great companies with their data!
Let me know if I can be your data guy!

You can book my time slots to have a virtual call at the following link: Click Here

Wish you all the best luck along your career or academic research!

Tom Tang
Head of Global Markets
Marketing Dept. | ABAKA AI
WhatsApp: +86-13967108777
Email: tomtang@abaka.ai
Address60 PAYA LEBAR ROAD, Singapore