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The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association's events promote social inclusion and showcase the multi-talented and actively engaged spirit of our members. Initiatives such as HKDSA X Food Angel Volunteer Event, the 47th Hong Kong Special Olympics, the 'Gathering with Downs' Fashion Show, the Hong Kong Charity Dance Competition and Mid-Autumn Lantern Making and Mooncake Sharing not only advance the cause of inclusion but also provide more opportunities for our friends with Down syndrome to showcase their talents, while raising awareness of Down syndrome and the rights of people with disabilities. 
HKDSA x Food Angel Volunteer Event
On 25th August, our members participated in a volunteer work at Food Angel. They helped collect surplus but still edible food, which were then distributed to those in need within our community. 
During this event, our members were responsible for collecting various types of vegetables, gaining valuable insights into food handling. Through their participation in this meaningful activity, the public has come to understand that individuals with Down syndrome can also be contributors to society, making a positive impact.
The 47th Hong Kong Special Olympics
Once again, our members took the stage at the 47th Hong Kong Special Olympics table tennis competition. This year, 12 of our members actively participated in both individual technical and singles competition. These athletes faced the pressures of competition with unwavering determination, displaying remarkable composure and resilience. Their hard work paid off, as they proudly achieved 5 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 3 bronze medals, and 1 fourth place finish.
These achievements not only represent personal triumphs but also symbolize HKDSA’s ongoing efforts to promote inclusion and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. Through participation, society's understanding of Down syndrome continues to grow, with more individuals taking an interest in and caring about the rights and needs of people with disabilities. Looking ahead, we will continue to strive for excellence and promote an inclusive society with our passionate and dedicated team.
'Gathering with Downs' Fashion Show

This August, the Jockey Club Down Syndrome Centre held the 'Gathering with Downs' Fashion Show. Members had the opportunity to showcase a variety of stylish outfits, from classic elegance to avant-garde trends and bold uniqueness. Each member had a chance to reveal a side of themselves that differed from their everyday persona. 

Members confidently chose their attire and graced the runway with poise, met by enthusiastic applause. This Down syndrome fashion show was an opportunity for our members to showcase their unique style and offer the audience an exciting fashion performance.
Hong Kong Charity Dance Competition 

Thanks to an invitation and support from the Hong Kong Parent-Child Education Association, our Association became one of the beneficiaries of the Hong Kong Charity Dance Competition. Part of the proceeds from the event were donated to support our Association, and the Down Syndrome Dance Group was featured as a guest performer. This exposure allowed more people to appreciate the unique charm and talents of our dance group. 
The performance that day was a highlight of the competition, capturing the attention of the entire audience. It not only showcased the talents of each member of the Down Syndrome Dance group but also promoted charity work, raising awareness of its importance and bringing positivity to society.
Mid-Autumn Lantern Making Activity and Mooncake Sharing

The association organized a heartwarming event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with our Down Syndrome members. During the event, members engaged in hands-on lantern making, showcasing their creativity. Each participant put their heart into crafting lanterns and enjoyed the pleasure of mutual exchange during the process.
In addition to lantern making, the event featured mooncakes generously donated by the Tzu Chi Foundation. As everyone gathered together, sharing delicious mooncakes, they also exchanged holiday blessings, collectively experiencing the joy of the festival.

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