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In our previous issue, we have embarked on our journey highlighting Mother’s love. In this issue, we have invited two dedicated fathers of children with Down Syndrome to share their stories of perseverance. Their inspiring stories show consistent support and self-respect often being overlooked during challenging times. Through the sharing of their experiences, we know that we are not alone.
Ho Yin's father interview-"Never lose your self-respect."

26 year-old Ho Yin, is our valued HKDSA member. His bond with his father remains strong despite his busy work schedule at sheltered factory.  Ho Yin's father approaches the journey of parenting with a positive and optimistic mindset, stayed determined in the face of challenges. 

Ho Yin's father knows the extra attention and care required for the holistic growth of a child with Down syndrome. From an early age, he has placed significant emphasis on fostering his son's self-care abilities and social skills. Encouraging active participation in diverse activities such as Cantonese opera, swimming, and drumming, Ho Yin's father encourages Ho Yin interacts and exchanges with other children. All these experiences not only nurture his son's unique interests but also acquire valuable lessons in resilience and maintaining a positive attitude when facing different challenges.
Apart from focusing on his son's growth and development, Ho Yin's father also engages in support groups and mutual assistance tailored to parents of children with Down syndrome. To build supportive environment for the group, he shares his personal experiences and resources selflessly.
Ho Yin's father always tries this best to spend quality time with his Ho Yin, showering his son with love and support as love and patience can help children with Down syndrome to flourish, contribute to society, and lead fulfilling lives, he believes in the power of a positive mindset.

Long Yan's father interview-"Our children needs our support. Be a responsible father."
Our 32-year-old member, Long Yan has started to encounter gout-related problems, requiring regular medical check-ups. Long Yan's father understands that caring for a child with Down syndrome requires more time and devotion than caring for a normal child. As a caregiver of an individual with Down syndrome, Long Yan's father bounteously shares his experiences and insights with other caregivers.
"To be a responsible father, boundless love, fearlessness, and embracing the present moment are indispensable."
Long Yan's father shares the photos taken with Long Yan spending precious moments together with pride. During their recent journey to North Africa, they enjoyed their lives in the local culture and customs. Long Yan's father encourages other families and caregivers of individuals with Down syndrome to spend quality time with their children, providing them with love and attention that increase their sense of self-worthiness.

Construction industry Sports and Volunteering Progam 2023

Our association always collaborates with various enterprises to organize activities to promote inclusivity. We are grateful for the support from FSEE (Fung Shing Engineering Co.), which has led to our association to jointly receiving the Excellent Collaboration Award under the Construction Industry Sports and Volunteering Program 2023 organized by the Construction Industry Council. This program has successfully increased public awareness of our association's services and also encouraged the business community to allocate more resources to social initiatives, building an inclusive society.

The Down's Kwan Ngai Service Team-Document Shredding Services

The Down's Kwan Ngai Serivce Team has always been dedicated to providing diverse service, attentively listening to customer feedback, and striving to meet their needs. Many customers have expressed to us that on-site document shredding services conducted at their companies or offices would save them time and effort.
We are introducing a comprehensive service solution: Door-to-Door Document Shredding Service. The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association Service Team will send over colleagues and disabled employees to handle document shredding at the venue of the companies when required. This new door-to-door service not only provides customers with a more convenient experience but also helps the integration of disabled employees into society, allowing them to prove their abilities and value.
This is limited-time offer. If you are interested in knowing more details or scheduling our services, please contact Mr. Cheung at 2697 5331.
Donation Box Placement 

Thanks to the generous support from various partners, our association has been able to sustain the development of innovative services and self-financing projects. Our gratitude goes to Hung Fuk Tong and Aeon for their support. From July to September 2023, our association has placed donation boxes at their respective branches with aims to gain greater attention for our service users and social welfare programs. 
Your support is important to us. If you are interested in becoming one of our collaborative partners through wide range of partnership programs, please do not hesitate to contact the Fundraising and Public Relations Department at 3427 8748 or 3590 2565.

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