Embracing Unconditional Love
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Through each vintage photo, we are touched by the strong bond between mothers and their children with Down Syndrome. Within those heartwarming smiles lie the extraordinary dedication and selflessness of these remarkable mums, who never give up and refuse to let go. The role of a mother is already challenging, and caring for a child with Down Syndrome requires even greater strength and unwavering determination.
As we embark on this journey of unconditional love and resilience, these photos show incredible strength and devotion that define these amazing mums.
  Love message from Yuk Lam
Yuk Lam always travels with his mother as a child.
Yuk Lam still travel with his mother after he grew up.
“Hello! I am Lai Yuk Lam! Yuk Lam likes to participate in activities at the Jockey Club Down Syndrome Centre He is a member of Down’s Dancing Group and one of the DS Ambassadors. He loves to get together with her mum, "Every time we go to the center, we talk with the staff and other members, which is really fun. Apart from going to the center for activities, my mum and I share a common love for exploring various destinations such as Disneyland, indulging in dim sum, and watching movies."
This Mother's Day, Yuk Lam and his mum made a cake together, celebrating the joyful festival. Yuk Lam said, 'I admire my mum's cooking skills. The most unforgettable experience is making food together because it tastes really delicious.' 


"Wishing my mum good health and love you forever!"
Thank You Letter of Yuk Lam
  Love message from Man Zing
Man Zing visited Landtau Inland with her mum when she was little. 
Man Zing's mother celebrates Man Zing's birthday every year.
Man Zing is a very talented girl. Whenever her mother shares a video clip of Man Zing’s performances, a radiant smile lights up her face. "I absolutely love the delicious meals my mom prepares for me. She takes such good care of me.” Man Zing happily expressed. At every event or performance, you will always find the mother taking care of everything for Man Zing. For Man Zing, nothing brings greater joy than travelling the world with her family. 

On this year's Mother's Day, Man Zing celebrated this special occasion with her mother at grandmother's house. 

"Mum, thank you for your tireless dedication."
Thank You Letter of Man Zing
  Love message from Chi Yeung
A kiss from Chi Yeung brings a brilliant smile to her mother.
Chi Yeung still keeps her mother company.
"My mother is very caring, likes to help others, and is a very considerate person who has taken care of me attentively over the years.” This is Chi Yeung's impression of his mother and what he loves most about her. "My mum is great at making handicrafts, and I really admire the sunflowers she made," said Chi Yeung. Recalling their pre-pandemic journey to Macau, "We took a lot of pictures that day and ate many famous local foods, such as pork buns and Portuguese tarts. It was really unforgettable, but honestly, my ultimate happiness stems from the simple joy of being with my beloved mum and dad.”

 "Thank you for always being there for me, I love you mum!"

Thank You Letter of Chi Yeung
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