Celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness Month
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March is a flourishing month for friends' of Down syndrome with numbers of events launched.
In March, to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day on 21 March, the HKDSA launched series of events to promote inclusivity. Our Spring Dinners for Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Integrated Family Support Services marked the beginning of the new year. We thank everyone for their efforts in the past year and wish for the best in the coming year.  We prepared various games to engage our members and service users. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and many of our members won the lucky draw prizes. There was also award presentation ceremony to thank and recognize outstanding performance of our service users. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our employers,  sponsors, donors and all the organizations, families and members for their continuous support. Their support has made our lives packed with sweet memories and valuable experiences. 

Celebration 1 :  3.16 World Down Syndrome Day Echo event – THIS IS ME Catwalk Show and Stage Performance

"THIS IS ME" Catwalk Show and Stage Performance

This year's theme of the World Down Syndrome Day is "End The Stereotypes". To celebrate this big day, 12 of our members joined the “THIS IS ME” fashion workshops and catwalk training workshops, where they learned the design concepts and catwalk skills. Just like all of us, practice makes perfect. 

On the big day, they strutted in their own-designed clothes and catwalked on the T-stage to share their dreams. It won lots of applause and support. It was enlightening to see that we can all transform ourselves  when opportunties are given. We hope to convey our message - “End The Stereotypes.” 

There were also a series of exciting performances, including those by the Down Syndrome Dance Team, Down Syndrome Cantonese Opera Group, Martial Arts, Taekwondo, African Percussion Band, and Juggling performances. We were fortunate to have support of external groups, including Link of Volunteers (LOV), Hong Chi District Support Centre Kwun Tong West, The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Wong Tai Sin Wellness Support Centre, and the Omega Band! 

The association sincerely thanks the co-organizer, Rotary Club of Central, for full support of this event! We would also like to express our gratitude to our sponsor,  The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Fund; our educational partner, Hong Kong Design Institute Fashion Archive, CalCarries International Management Ltd.'s Senior Model Manager, Mr. Cheung ShuiHui; and all parents, members, and organizational groups for their support and participation.


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3.21. World Down Syndrome Day 

Most people with Down Syndrome carry 3 chromosomes at their 21st pair of chromosomes, so the United Nations General Assembly has designated 21 March each year as World Down Syndrome Day to raise public awareness and advocate for the rights of people with Down syndrome.

Let’s support us by wearing mismatched socks!

The shape of socks is like a chromosome. This incompatible combination is like a pair of colorful mismatched socks, which has become a symbol for people with Down Syndrome. In fact, as long as we change our attitude, a pair of different patterns or colors can still be worn together to show the diversity, possibility, beauty of integration and a new perspective on things!
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Celebration 2 : The 11th World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships

The HKDSA Swimming Team shines with medals. On 18 March, our team set off to Antalya, Turkey to represent Hong Kong in the 11th World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships. Five team members participated in various events and achieved an outstanding result of 6 gold, 10 silver, and 3 bronze medals across different age categories, bringing honor to Hong Kong's Down syndrome community.

We would like to extend special thanks to the Ladies Recreation Club (LRC) for their longstanding support and sponsorship of our Swimming Team.

Celebration 3 :  Spring Dinner - Grateful For Your Support

In early March, our Integrated Family Support Services and Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services enjoyed heartwarming moments with our members and service users at Spring Dinners. These events had been suspended since 2019 due to the pandemic.

The evening of the Spring Dinners overflowed with laughter and joy as various games were played, engaging everyone and filling the venue with echoes of laugher. Apart from games, we also held exciting lucky draws. Lucky members and service users walked away with fantastic prizes, beaming with smiles of delight.
Our Integrated Family Support Services extended invitations not only to members and their families but also to volunteers and tutors, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support to the association. An award ceremony was held by our Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services to recognize and thank our service users and employers for their dedication and hard work in the past year. At this special moment, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to everyone. Your efforts have made these Spring dinners remarkable.

Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services photos sharing
Integrated Family Support Services photos sharing

Media Interviews

In March, the association was invited by media hosts of RTHK Radio 3's #Hashtag Hong Kong and RTHK Radio 2 "同處一室" programs. In the programs, we engaged in discussions about the various services offered by the association and the specific challenges encountered by people with Down syndrome.

RTHK Radio 3 #Hashtag Hong Kong

In the program, our director, Ms. Erica Lee, shared the challenges and difficulties faced by people with Down syndrome as they age. We highlighted issues related to limited resources and expressed our hope to raise awareness. We also emphasized the need for more resources to support the needs of minority.

#Hashtag Hong Kong program review
RTHK Radio 2 -  「同處一室」

The program broadcasted featured our member, "Dong Mom", who shared her experiences of raising a child with Down syndrome. She emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and expressed gratitude for the supportive network she found at the association. Through this platform, she connected with other parents, offering mutual support and encouragement. She conveyed her appreciation for her child, Dongdong, cherishing the privilege of growing and learning together with him.

「同處一室」program review

Fund-raising Activity Review 

2024. 1. 20 Hong Kong Island Region Flag day

Thanks to the generous support from various sectors, our Flag Day has successfully concluded! This achievement is attributed to the efforts of our members, students, parents, schools, organizations, volunteers, and partners. Special thanks to our donors for their generosity, without which the Flag Day could not have been completed so successfully. The contributions will directly support the development of our self-financed projects, such as sports and arts-related services for our direct beneficiaries, including people with Down syndrome and other disabilities.

We would like to express our gratitude once again for everyone's support and hope that you will continue to support us in the future as we work together towards creating an inclusive society!

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