OPS KYC fail

Dear Sir/madam,

Sorry! Your KYC verification failed !

Try again

We already received your KYC application but unfortunately it has been rejected for the following reasons:

Please submit a selfie holding your valid ID on your KYC Application.
Please make sure that your ID Number in the KYC application matches to the ID that you submitted.


To be able to meet the minimum standard required document for KYC application, we highly suggest you re-submit your KYC application.

Please re-submit in our system the following:
1. Clear copy of Front of ID
2. Clear copy of Back of ID
3. Selfie photo holding your ID

Tips for KYC application:
Do not send screenshots nor use filters. Make sure to have proper lighting and avoid wearing hats or glasses.

Please see attached file below for your additional guide for KYC Application.

Vitatoken can provide personal live guide to you, if you need please click the link below.



And then, you can now get market analysis by simply asking our customer service "Say hi". Please click the link below:

Due to reasons such as market changes and fraud risks, Vitatoken reserves the right of final interpretation to adjust the rebate rules at any time.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at support@vitatoken.io

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