Hope this email finds you well. We found your app very popular and we would like to propose a meeting to see if our service could enhance your current eDM/SMS/MMS efficiency, in terms of both cost and open rate and increase the number of download of your app. With proven track record of our open rate up to 120%, I am confident that our service could be synergetic to your marketing strategy and campaign. 

For app developer, our service may help your clients to have a better communication with current users. We also have some new member/client acquisition solution. We could have the meeting to see how we could cooperate to give a more complete service to your valuable clients. 

We could have a quick call if you are interested to have further discussion. Below will be some significant example of our clients. We would like to have a online meeting with you for further introduction of our service and some business idea to boost new downloads. We could also have some successful cases sharing if you want. Please kindly let us know if you can arrange the meeting this/next week. We look forward to your reply.

Reasonable Software House Limited, one of a leading marketing technology software companies in Hong Kong and we have Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Singapore touch points.  We have 16 years of experience in helping clients send eDM and SMS for the below e.g.,
E-commerce/ Retail Industry
  1. BiliBili
  2. KFC
  3. Coca-Cola HK
  4. Dr. Kong
  5. Häagen-Dazs

  1. Bank of Communications
  2. Wing Lung Bank
  3. OCBC Wing Hang Bank
  4. ICBC International Holdings Limited
  5. QBE Insurance Group
Government or Public Corporation
  1. MTR Corporation Ltd.
  2. Towngas

Shopping Mall
  1. Festival Walk
  2. Plaza Hollywood
We provide an effective email marketing software <SPREAD> for sending out promotional <eDM> and <SMS> to help our client to launch email campaigns & newsletter with comprehensive analytics and reports.  
 Furthermore we have the inbox rate optimization service to increase the inbox rate and open rate. 
Pls find the below service for your reference.  KEEP connect with your existing customer by Reasonable SPREAD EMS system
  1. Inbox Email marketing – SPREAD email system
    • Whitelist for enhance the deliverability of email
    • Avoid Fall into JUNK mail
  2. Automation email
    • Smart Email (Automation & Personalization)     
    • Content automation based on RSS/HTML (Website)           
    • Content automation based on Facebook content
  3. SMS/ MMS marketing with link tracking
  4. Location based SMS for draw traffic to branch
  5. SEO for new customer generation and increase the website traffic
  6. Solo eDM (Adsmart) for new customer generation

Best regards,
Jerry Yeung 
Business Development Manager 
D: (852) 3590 8178 │ M: (852) 6259 1283 │ E:  
CS hotline: (852) 3590 4869 │ (852) 8142 3260 │ CS Email:
Reasonable Software House Limited –
Hong Kong | Shenzhen | Guangzhou | Beijing | Shanghai |Taiwan| Singapore

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